About Us




Sneaker Extras started in 2020 out of pure love for Sneakers!

We have an idea of making our sneakers a little more personal and make them stand out with our High Quality, Premium replacement shoelaces and other accessories.

We’re one of the largest premium shoelace supplier in Asia. We’ve always served our customers with the best quality products and our extraordinary Customer Service.

Our love for Sneakers is eternal and this made us get into manufacturing premium Shoelaces. These shoe brands sell their sneakers with mostly single pair of lacing colour option but we wanted to give them a personal touch and make them stand out from the standard one.

That’s when we decided to start Sneaker Extras and give people the option to make their favourite sneakers, even more personal!

We also like to keep an open communication with our customers through our Social Media. Communication is key if we are to gain your trust, and you can feel free to write to us also at support@sneakerextras.com for your queries.


Let us help you guys in making your favourite sneakers, a little more personal!